Philosophy of The Programme

  1. Man is a bio-psychosocial. Being with unique characteristics responsive to any health problem and his needs are the focus of all nursing activities.
  2. Nursing is a professional relationship- between the nurses and the clients which is based on relevant concepts, principles and theories in the sciences, technology and the arts. It is client centered; client friendly and positively client attested to ensure quality care.
  3. Education is not only a life long process, but it is also an instrument of change. university education is the key to the growth of a profession, hence professional nursing education can be achieved in institutions of higher learning that provide a foundation for general education in the arts and sciences.
  4. Nursing functions cut across the life span of individuals, families, and communities within the health care delivery system. In order to provide quality care, nursing education must meet globally accepted standards as available in the university.
  5. The health care system exists to meet the needs of the client’s individuals, families, group or communities by providing primary, secondary and tertiary health maintenance

Activities that ensure maintenance of high level of wellness.

Based on the aforementioned beliefs, this curriculum sets out to produce educationally and professionally sound nurses whose assertion on nursing care will be unequivocal in every aspect of client care. The curriculum will be responsive to the needs the society.

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