Competencies Expected of Products Of The Programme

The competencies of a nurse who is a graduate of this Degree program in    nursing include the ability to:

  1. Utilize Nursing process in the care of individual, family, and community
  2. Adopt appropriate Nursing care delivery model in any setting.
  3. Asses client/patient through history taking, physical assessment and review of relevant records and make the appropriate diagnosis,
  4. plan individual, family and community nursing intervention
  5. Assume responsibility for delivery of dependent, independent and interdependence nursing activities in any setting
  6. Evaluate nursing care to ascertain the effectiveness of nursing actions rendered to the individual, family, and community, based on objectives set.
  7. Develop strategies for health promotion and maintenance in families and communities.
  8. Apply relevant principles and theories of administration and management in the delivery of health care services at various levels.
  9. Develop proficiency in assessing, diagnosing, preserving, dispensing and executing appropriate specialized nursing care measure in any health problem situation.
  10. Provide rehabilitative services to individuals, families and adapt to changing conditions.
  11. Provide leadership in nursing and. Health care delivery in their relevant specialties
  12. Provide leadership roles in budgeting, managing and auditing human and materials resources available for health care delivery.
  13. Develop proficiency in interpreting special diagnostic reports to enhance management.
  14. Function as an effective nurse clinician in the relevant area, establish and maintain referral system.
  15. Initiate, collaborate and conduct research to improved nursing practice and develop new techniques to meet the health needs of the people.
  16. Develop self-care modules and partnership as they function as caregivers.

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