Examination Offences and Sanctions

Arising from the alarming rate of increase in examination malpractices in the university, the Senate of University has put in place sanctions for various offenses as follows:

s/n           Examination offenses     Sanction
1. Examination leakage Expulsion
2. Illegal possession of answer scripts of students Expulsion
3. Examination scripts with more than one handwriting Expulsion
4. Possession of illegal materials relating to examination in the examination venue Expulsion
5. Involvement in the mercenary in writing an examination Expulsion
6. Impersonation Expulsion of all parties involved
7. Student assault on invigilators Expulsion
8. Harassment of co-students for non-cooperation in examination malpractices Suspension for one semester
9. Falsification of identity {i.e. Name, Matric number, etc. by culprit} Expulsion
10. Girafing Suspension for one semester
11. Exchange of scripts Expulsion
12. Refusal of submission of scripts Suspension for one semester

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