Code of Conduct For Students In The Department

  1. Punctual and regular attendance at lectures tutorials and seminars and practical classes is compulsory.
  2. A student who has a genuine reason to be absent from any of the activities listed above must first obtain permission from the lectures[s] or personnel in charge.
  3. Students must consult with their level advisor or such persons that may be knowledgeable about the operation of the course unit system for necessary information.
  4. Students should learn how to compute their semester GPA as well as CGPA and keep accurate records of their academic performance.
  5. Students should not disturb the peace and other of the faculty through noise making, operating musical instruments or drumming.
  6. Handsets must be switched off during lectures, tutorials, seminar, practical classes, etc.
  7. Students should shun fighting and any other violent acts.
  8. Students must treat one another with respect
  9. Students should maintain an honest life.
  10. Students should work hard, recreate and pray.
  11. Students are advised to dress moderately and decently.

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